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They choose us because we are a team of professionals who have been in the music digital distribution business for almost 20 years. We are able to act proactively and model our strategies on the new technologies of the digital market, to guarantee you the maximum profit and top quality over time.


Editorial Plan

A specialized team of experts in the market, will create editorial collections that will make a remarkable impact.


We work as editorial curators

A Marketing team is at your service to pitch your albums on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc.. Discover How

Discover How

Digital Cover Artwork

Expert graphics will make your own Cover Art for the compilations. We will do all that is needed to publish a great Cover Art compilation, and think about all the details


Your music everywhere

Your compilation in more than 200 digital stores and on Social Networks, thanks to our distribution service DISTRO5 Plus. Discover How

Discover How

Why chose our compilation service?

We customize our work to your catalog details, to have a more profitable usage of your tracks.

Besides auto-generated compilation tools, we have curators, that will work on your catalog

Compilations will be online in 24h from the publication date

Have the performance analytics of your compilation and playlist in no time

We give you the technological tools to amplify your results.

Why are compilations so important?

Engagement rate, audience, ranking, music SEO, are just some of the reasons that should induce every record label to invest in the creation and publication of music compilations. DISTRO5, thanks to the automation and technology it has developed, operates with a creative and distribution workflow that allows you to create
high-level compilations, to publish them in a few steps, by auto transferring them to playlists in the various digital stores.


Think about Compilations just like the radios of the past. As a way to direct the listener to songs and genres. Follow the compilation or playlist, add them to their preferred list, become a fan of one or more of your artists. In a word: an audience multiplier. Real "followers" that guarantee you a profit every time they listen to them.

Who listens to them?

Compilations and Playlists are usually played as background music in public places (malls, restaurants, hotels, bar pub, cocktail lounge bar, shops) or by listeners who need to have guided listening by genre, mood or topic.

Information technology and music

What does all this have to do with anything? DISTRO5 has developed its own software which is able to better organize your catalog, select the right sequence of songs for compilations, thanks to its algorithms based on artificial intelligence and audio analysis. It completes the creative process, the ability to create the compilation and Metadata in an assisted manner, without tedious human intervention of filling in data (which all distributors normally require). It is all assisted, verified and automated by our software! The information also remains in your possession, you can access, change, or export it at any time.


Compilation creation and online distribution. Deliver your compilation online in just a few minutes. With our algorithm we can create compilations resulting in quality products in a fast and easy way with the goal of monetizing your catalog online. The software is capable of auto-generating compilations, by using all the information from your Metadata and audio analysis, getting information about Artist popularity, number of times a track has been already published online and more…


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Some Success Stories

Our compilations have reached the top positions on Digital Streaming Platforms and Digital Stores.

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