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Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithm, the software can create playlists that will be automatically published organizing the publication on your own calendar, on Spotify, We can also publish the playlist on all your accounts on every possible streaming platform, where you have an active personal account. In just a few minutes you can create and publish a playlist, with the tracks of your catalog or adding tracks by artists, periods, genres, acoustics parameters, all by selecting them in the automatic algorithm, that gives you extreme precision in making the playlist..


Pubblish in a matter of seconds

Playlists are published instantly on the personal account profile connected to the digital stores.

Reply on all digital stores

Connecting your accounts, playlists will automatically appear on all the available platforms.

Vary your listeners

Amplify your SEO power, get a better chance of being found online and engage with more organic followers, real ones!

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Il metadata musicale: una risorsa

ll Metadata, in ambito musicale, è l’insieme dei dati che descrive ciascun brano musicale, può contenere informazioni sugli autori, compositori, genere musicale, informazioni sul copyright, la lingua, il testo, codici ISRC, UPC e molto altro ancora. 

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