AI Social Tool

Generate and publish posts
by using our artificial intelligence and algorithms

We generate posts containing smart links, music players, cover art, relevant images and presentation phrases. Our algorithm always creates different posts, keeping your social networks active automatically. A calendar allows you to organize the publications, a statistics system checks the performance of each individual post.

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Content Generator ⚙
Auto Posting 📲

An algorithm driven by artificial intelligence, allows you to generate content relevant to your business and to publish it on social channels associated with your DISTRO5 account, automatically, by scheduling the posts daily/weekly.

Schedule publications

Decide, how, when and where to publish the content.

Supervision of publications

Check the posts that will be published by the platform

Check social post statistics

The platform allows you to check statistics.

Support and Advice

Our team offers support and advice

Save time on management

Social management makes you spend time and money: automate the workflow with Distro5!

Auto Post

You will easily find posts published on your social profiles.

You'll be able to post on these socials automatically

Start publishing with our algorithms

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