Audit Catalog & Metadata

Your Data needs us. DISTRO5 allows you to find all the uses of your music and to track their Claims.

Your business and future earnings are based on the congruence and correctness of the Data that accompany your music: the Metadata. Do not be caught unprepared, the biggest DSP will soon begin (as per European regulations) to pay analytically based on the Data (yours) you have provided.

Analyze, Verify, Correct


DISTRO5 Interconnects and Simplifies your Works


Identification code for musical works, provided by CISAC or its affiliates.

API & Database

Social Networks, Chartmetric, Acrcloud, Youtube Content ID, ISNI, Smart Link, MusicBrainz



Collecting Agencies

Agencies for the collection of rights, i.e. example Siae, Sacem, Soundreef, Cisac, Suisa, Ascap, SCF, Nuovo Imaie, Get Sound etc ..

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Amazon etc.

DISTRO5 Algorithm

Correlates Data
Highlights Discrepancies
Proposes Solutions

Reports and

Correction and Submission of Data


Correction and Submission of Data

Collection Societies

DISTRO5 Algorithm

Data verification 100%

Complete Metadata

Metadata obtained at the end of the verification and control process is complete and complies with Music Business international standards.

DISTRO5 communicates with the APIs to distributors, companies and technological operators, allowing you to access data otherwise not available.

Make your Metadata complete and corrected easily

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