Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Our company has a team with 30 years of experience in discography, music publishing and Information Technology. We develop and use the most advanced tools to interact and exchange data between companies and digital stores, integrating your data with the internet, by collecting info from Distributors, Music Agencies, Social Networks,and Youtube. We will enrich and update your catalog and back Catalog, providing them with greater value, and preparing them for the analytical collection of music rights that will happen in a short space of time.

Don’t wait for the future, anticipate it…

The simplest and most effective management software for your catalog! In a single cloud platform you will find the best technological solutions, algorithms, management and analytics of data concerning Artists, Catalogs, Songs, Sales Statistics, Playlists, Rankings, Radio, TV, and identification codes. A software that accelerates and optimizes all the daily workflows of publishers, collecting, distributors, producers, labels, and marketing agencies.


Add a song title, audio file or an ISRC code: our software will fingerprint the audio and will search online to find all the albums that contain it. Look on Youtube and save the video IDs and preview.


With our platform you can check if an artist owns an ISNI code, we can help you to get one if they don’t.

Works & Rights

You can manage your Writers and Composers archive within our platform, you can grab information from online, from your copyright agency, from any source, just provide us the file and we will do the rest. You can import and export anything you need.


From our search panel you can look for the ISWC code for a song or a batch of works. We provide you the information rights from the CISAC organization.

Artists & Performers

We provide a simple but effective tool to manage every single person involved in the recording or performing of your songs.

Schedule Management

You will never miss an expiring agreement. Our software will check your agreements daily and will provide a detailed report, sending you and your clients email reminders .


It will be very easy to create and manage a new license from our software, an easy tool that helps you to manage your licensing deals. It integrates and shares the same data from Artist and Song archives within our platform.


With our software you can easily share data and documents with publishers, collecting agency, distributors, customers in PDF XLS CSV XML and more...

Neighboring Rights

You can create your own album and song archive within the DISTRO5 platform, each song has all the details needed to provide an exported xls file to your collection agency.


Real people not Bot! Nothing is complicated thanks to the support we will be able to provide you


You can create and manage any type of agreement within our platform, you can share all the content via the internet, archive and manage all the agreements in scanned versions and use our signature tool to work online 100%

Audio Fingerprint

Our audio identification algorithm will allow you to find your songs on Youtube and act!

A Suite of Tools with an Infinite Number of Possibilities

Scadenze Contratti

Gestione e scadenziario dei contratti, delle licenze attribuite ad ogni asset/azienda/artista. Report e alert scadenze, lettere di notifica e sollecito.


Le tue pubblicazioni

Non solo un archivio completo del tuo catalogo, anche degli strumenti automatici di controllo e correlazione dei dati.


Gestione Artisti

Gestisci tutti gli aventi diritto nel tuo catalogo. Monitora come si comportano i tuoi Artisti, Interpreti ed Esecutori su social network, classifiche, siti di vendita, radio, tv.


Controllo proattivo

Tieni il controllo dei dati che possiedi, visualizza cosa è online. Fatti avvisare se qualche pubblicazione viene rimossa da un negozio digitale.


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