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Distribution with our PLUS tools

DISTRO5 Plus is the innovative distribution that provides unique software tools. We value your products, facilitating publication, and improving their performance over time.

Unique Tools

You can search online for any data with an ISRC code, a UPC, an artist's discography, his/her popularity and that of his/her music.

Stay in control of your data

Your Metadata always visible and downloadable! A small but powerful management software for your catalog, for free!

Granular Statistics

Statistics and Trends for countries, artists, labels, playlists, skipped audio, media and much more. Customizable and storable searches.


Our support is made up of staff who have experience in the world of discography, and who are always ready to give advice as well as support.

Powerful Tools

You will see how you will be able to get the most out of it with just a few clicks, instantly, thanks to the tools we have developed to manage your artists and their popularity.

Quality and reliability

The best technology platform to distribute with reliability and uptime close to 100%. Machines with 99.9% UP TIME, ticketing software and services in partnership with the best world operators.

Free marketing service for the selection and inclusion on editorial playlists (Spotify / Apple / Amazon etc).

The distribution service allows you to access, through our marketing forms, the editorial teams of the main digital platforms.

Directly from the platform

Pitching of your songs and albums

Customizable Statistics

Save and resume recurring views.

Controls and Notifications

We send notifications regarding inclusion in a playlist

A 360 ° strategy

Customizable strategies for stores

Youtube Content ID

Identify and track your audios in each Youtube video through Cotend ID. You will be able to monetize each view.


Check the usage of your songs included in videos by you or by external users.


Monetize the videos through the advertising inserted in each video.

No Claim

You decide to allow everyone to view it, without monetizing or blocking content


Block the use of your audio assets on user generated video (UGC).

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