Search & Claim

Search & Claim ⛔

Identify your audio on Youtube, find your ISRC codes online, who distributes or licenses your music without authorization.


Look at the usage of your albums and songs on the web and digital stores.


Get a report on the usage of your music, a report that can be easily integrated with the data belonging to your catalog.


Check the history of Takedowns or Claim requests by tracking them through our platform


Manage an archive of any violations and communications that have taken place

Online Usage Tracking

The service offers various possibilities for searching, tracking, cataloging and managing requests, for all uses of your songs on the web!

How The Process Works

You can track the use of your audio on the web


On the Web, you can track the uses of your audio or data through "low-level" communication with APIs. We have developed special software that can process this data.


Tracking is displayed through a report both in the customer access dashboard or downloaded in xml or pdf. Once traced, claims can be made on the platform through forms, takedowns and claim requests can be traced


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