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With the advent of automation in the collection of online rights, the problem arises of the data that identifies your songs. Over the years, the standards and types of data to be declared have changed, only with an in-depth review will it be possible to collect the rights for each of your songs. .
Don't be unprepared, with the new European regulations the distribution of online music rights is exponentially increasing.

Check, Verify, Correct.



Automatically acquires from an audio file, from a UPC list, from an artist's discography

API Database

Automatically collects data and statistics from all digital platforms, Youtube, Radio, TV, Social



Collecting Agencies

Correlates data and manages contracts, manages authors, composers, publishers, imports all data from XLSX

Digital Platforms

Verification of the presence of the songs and correctness of the Metadata

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Collects and correlates data
Highlights discrepancies
Proposes solutions

Correction and sending of data


Correction and sending of data

Collecting Companies

Complete collection of rights

Data Analysis 100%

Thanks to our algorithms and A.I. you will discover unauthorized uses, expired licenses, recover debts and be able to manage legal claims.

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