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ALGO AI OCR processes images with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) detects data, signatures and saves them.

Finally AI at the service of man for activities that would normally require hours and hours of work. Thanks to AWS proprietary Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) the documents are read and understood, the required data transcribed and saved for schedule management and document management.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows you to convert documents or images containing text into an editable digital format. This technology is used to extract text from paper documents, scans or digital images, allowing computers to interpret and manipulate text similarly to how a human would.

Documents and contracts can be scanned using a scanning device such as a scanner or can be captured as image files using digital cameras. Once the document image has been scanned, the OCR software goes into action to recognize and interpret the text present in the image. This process involves several stages:

Pre-processing: The image is processed to improve the quality of the text and remove any noise or imperfections, such as specks or reflections.

Segmentation: The image is divided into zones containing text and zones containing other elements such as images or graphics.

Character recognition: At this stage, the OCR software identifies individual characters within each text area and compares them to a large set of predefined characters. This process can be based on statistical algorithms, neural networks or other machine learning techniques.

Post-processing: The recognized text is then processed to correct any errors in recognition or interpretation.

Once the OCR process is completed, the extracted text can be saved in various digital formats, such as text files or Word documents, allowing users to edit, search or share the document contents more efficiently.

In contracts, OCR can be used to extract crucial information such as names, dates, amounts and contract clauses, simplifying the process of finding and managing contract documents. This also enables the automation of processes involving the analysis and interpretation of large volumes of contracts, helping to improve efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.

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