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Artist who wants to promote and control what happens to his music. Radio airplay stats, social network stats, global ranking
Label that wants to manage its artists, share catalogue, manage contracts, licenses, reporting, automate promotion
Publisher to organize the management of all the work task, finds discrepancies and unauthorized uses. Manage all contracts
Producer who want to know how their music is doing, on radio or TV, manage artists, contracts, promotion and rights
Advertising and marketing agencies that need total control and performance measurement over the projects they manage

DISTRO5 is something completely new?

Yes, it has tools and AI that Distributor's platforms doesn't provide. Find out who is using your music or copies of it.
Identify songs from audio, FM and Web radio statistics and airplay on +3000 stations, Youtube tracking.
Discovers illicit acts, samples and karaoke, recover ISRC UPC STEMS.

Increases your revenues and royalties?

Yes, with DISTRO5 tools after automatically generate your catalog, will suggests corrections in your Music Metadata, discovers and solves problems, highlights missed payments, increases your profits and helps you in collection of Rights and Royalties.

Distro generate your Music Metadata and manage it

With a reverse-engineering algorithm the software is able to recreate your full catalog Metadata perfectly! Metadata is the resource of the future, no Metadata no earnings ! This is the future of Music Business.

Algo helps you to promote your music

Algo uses your data intelligently and diligently: automatically creates posts for any social network with AI, or in assisted mode with your supervision. It has an automatic scheduling and publishing system. Create custom press releases and share them whoever you want.

Diritti e Royalties

Algo your Music Metadata


take full control of music and royalties

Online Album Presence UPC

ISRC inspect AI

Radio Airplay

Compilation AI

Youtube Plus

ISRC AI identify


Can I easily import data and contracts with AI ?

Algo automatically rebuilds any record catalog starting from UPC/ISRC, regardless of the distribution you used. Complete contract management with reading and import from scanned documents or PDFs, you won't have to type anything!




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