Algo makes your job easier

Algo creates and verifies your Metadata. Uses audio recognition algorithms on 100 million tracks. Researches online and provides you with daily information on artists, tracks, albums, charts, social presence, TV and radio airplay. Archives contracts, manages privacy, statements, promotes your products and artists.

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Algo automatically imports data

Leave all the work to us, we will allow you to work instantly with Algo cloud on your catalog and songs data, authors, composers, artists, compilations, etc.... Contracts, Licenses, SIAE Deposits, Companies, Music Works, Youtube, Social Networks, Claim managment and DMCA management.


Algo researches everywhere

Algo is very powerful, reaches where no one manually can. It is able to find out who released your music, starting with an audio, an ISRC code, an UPC, and of course whether it is played on the radio. It knows everything about artists, tracks and albums and gives you accurate and useful information about competitors.


Let Algo work for your music

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