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Don't wait for the future, anticipate it...

The simplest and most effective management of your catalogue!
In a single platform you have the best technological solutions, the best algorithms, the analytical management of data regarding Artists, Catalogues, Songs, Sales Statistics, Playlists, Charts, Radio, TV.
A single management system for the Music Business, a tool that accelerates and optimizes all the workflows of publishers, collecting, distributors, producers and labels.

Catalog Management 5.0

Distro5 uses the most advanced information technology management tools, applied to the recording sector. Our software is perfectly integrated with distributors, collecting agencies and music Big Data. We will give your catalog greater value, preparing it for the analytical collection of rights with automatic audio recognition and Metadata systems.


Enter a title, audio or ISRC: the system instantly detects all online products containing it, published by anyone! Find the owner of an ISRC with our algorithm.


Get, search or manage your internationally unique artist identification code. Apple, for example, requires it for publications.

Composer's Rights

Manage your archive of authors, composers, publishers. You can import and export directly from your collecting. Manage all data and documentation (contracts) in the cloud.


Search and manage the international identification code of your works ( ⇄ CISAC). Associate your ISWCs with your company's masters or the manufacturers who made it.


Manage all data for each performer recording. Loading and generation of exchange files with the main collecting companies (e.g. Nuovo Imaie, Getsound, Soundreef, etc).

Deadline Management

Once contracts and licenses have been entered, Distro5 takes care of sending reminders of the approaching deadline to company representatives and your staff. A calendar and a timeline allow you to quickly keep everything under control.


A powerful management system for uploading and managing contracts and licenses. Complete integration with releases, tracks, composers, masters and related rights. OCR + AI acquisition from PDF and JPG of paper documents.


With Distro5 all data can be shared with your partners, you can export in any format in addition to the usual PDF XLS CSV XML. You will have an interface for sharing your catalog, the most powerful tool available on the market.

Neighboring Rights

Archive recordings and publications, generation and assisted loading of all data from external platforms, export albums and songs to collecting societies for a complete collection.


Our email support is always available for everyone while phone support is available for standard and premium plans.


Insert one or more YouTube channel links, Distro5 periodically downloads content and Metadata. For example, it allows you to control the removal of videos following claims that you can manage in the cloud from Distro5.

Fingerprint Audio

An audio identification algorithm will allow you to find your songs on Youtube and take action!

A tool with infinite possibilities of uses

Contracts Deadlines

Management and schedule of contracts and licenses attributed to each asset/company/artist. Deadline reports and alerts, notification and reminder letters.


Your albums and singles

Not only a complete archive of your catalogue, but also automatic data control and correlation tools.


Artist's Management

Manage all rights holders in your catalog. Monitor how your Artists, Interpreters and Performers behave on social networks, rankings, sales sites, radio, TV.


Proactive control

Take control of the data you own, see what's online. Get notified if any publication is removed from a digital store.


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