AI Algo E

A.I. assistance and supervision of your work

Algorithms created by music industry experts for music industry companies


Big Data and Algorithms

30 years of IT experience, In-depth knowledge of the recording market, we have created unique algorithms and DISTRO5 software for the better management of your music and the audit of your Metadata to improve rights collecting.

Copyright Control

Search & Claim

Find your music online thanks to our audio search engine (fingerprint) from a catalog of more than 80 million songs. A unique tool for searching songs, artists, ISRC, UPC, performed in radio and unhautorized audio samples, not matter who has uploaded the content online.


Everything under your control

Authors, composers, publishers, artists, songs and albums database in the cloud and with automatic generation by DISTRO5. A single system shared between you and your collaborators or partners any kind of information, data, image, biographies, discographies, audio files and promo content.

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I want my Data back!

How complicated, if not impossible, is it to get back the data uploaded over the years to digital stores? What about the ones uploaded by licensee or without you permission? You will be able to get them back and check what is happening to your music and rights, thanks to the DISTRO5 Tools suite!

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No more hours-long searches

Search on Spotify and main stores as you could not be able by using the usual players. This is thanks to SPOTIFY BROWSER and API technology. You will be able to know with one click, by providing a UPC, an ISRC, an audio fragment, what and who is behind each song, each album. Know where and when, by whom, it was published.

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OCR and AI scan recognition

Informations and data automatically added to DISTRO5 by using natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR). Data will be read, extract, collect, labeled and interpret so it can be used digitally within the software. Distro5 allows you to do this with your contracts, licenses or other types of documents.

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