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We manage and organize
the collection of your
neighboring rights
world wide

How it works

Distro5 allows you to manage

✅ Artists
✅ Writers
✅ Recordings
✅ Performers
✅ Data Export

Import data from the Internet, from your own Excel or CSV files, collecting agencies, external companies. Create your database and export the data for mass uploading to collecting society portals.

Management and Editing

We provide you with a management system to manage your data, Artists, Authors and Composers, Performers, Companies, Contracts, Licenses, Technical Documentation and Record Information in complete autonomy. All in one software to organize or optimize your work.


DISTRO5 Rights Team

Our qualified team, combined with the IT tools you will have at your disposal, will allow you to find and manage illicit uses or simply to improve the organization and collection of your copyright, master, producer, related, editorials etc.



The reporting of the rights collected takes place every six months, at the end of the collection and receipt of payment. We send an analytical report of the uses, indicating the country, the song and the type of use. Payment is made upon remittance of the invoice.



With the PLUS module we directly take care of completely processing and managing your catalogue, in order to obtain the best possible Metadata, thus guaranteeing you a better and complete collection of related rights. We will also manage problems and resolve reported disputes for you.


We'll take you into the world of Big Data

The world of Music Rights is constantly evolving. The correctness of the data essential to receive all the rights generated and paid by the Bigs for the online exploitation of your catalog.

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Do you produce music, perform live, is your music performed in public, are your songs printed on magnetic media or sold online? Then you have the right to collect what you are entitled to by law if you are the owner of the recordings! The software we make available will allow the search, control and collection of your rights. Not only that, we support you in every management phase, allowing you to make the most of Distro5.


A centralized archive (yours) with which to communicate and interact with collecting societies around the world. Guarantee the total recovery of what you are entitled to, thanks to our software that will allow you to clean, integrate and normalize the data you will have to send to receive your royalties.

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You will receive an analytical report every three months. The file, in CSV format (XLS compatible), analytically reports the royalties due to you. For each song you will know the territories, the agency that paid the compensation, unit amounts and musical pieces.

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Our data search system is able to find the online data of your products, our algorithm will carry out a comparison with your metadata, so as to integrate the missing data, verify the differences and finally export the data.

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