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We'll make your best compilations

Companies choose us because they know they can count on a team that has been active in distribution for almost twenty years thanks to Catalogi Musicali, a group company. We are able to create refined, never repetitive products, thematic series, quality covers with original images created by a graphic designer.


Editorial Plan

An expert team will listen to you to satisfy your needs, creating high-impact compilations and editorial series.


AI Tools

Technology assists us by reporting the best artists and avoiding reusing songs.


Best Artwork!

We have created more than 10,000 covers for dozens of companies from all over the world, with good results.



We can publish the compilations with your distributor or with our digital distribution.

More than 50 companies from all over the world have chosen Music Catalogs for the monetization of their catalog and the creation of editorial compilations. Thanks to the partnership with Music Catalogues, DISTRO5 has the best technologies and expertise in the sector.

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We can do even more for you

also, with this service you will have access to all the features of our DISTRO5 portal

In addition to automatic generation we have experienced curators


ALGO helps you compare the performances of songs included in compilations

Thanks to ALGO you will have access to data that no distributor gives you

We provide you with the technological tools to amplify your results

Why Compilation are so important?

Engagement rate, audience, ranking, music SEO, are just some of the reasons that should induce every record label to invest in the creation and publication of music compilations. DISTRO5, thanks to the automation and technology it has developed, operates with a creative and distribution workflow that allows you to create high-level compilations, publish them in just a few steps, automatically transferring them to playlists of the same name in the various digital stores

More Chances

Compilations like the radios of the past, a way to direct the listener to songs and genres. He follows the compilation, adds it to his archive, thus becoming a fan of one or more of your artists. In a word: an audience multiplier. A real "follower" that guarantees you a profit with every listen.

Who are the listeners?

Compilations are usually listened to as background music in public places (this is why series and thematic collections are important) or by listeners who need to have guided listening by genre, mood or topic.

A.I. & I.T.

What does all this have to do with it? DISTRO5 has developed its own software capable of better organizing your catalogue, selecting the right sequence of songs thanks to its algorithms based on artificial intelligence and audio analysis. The creative process is completed by the ability to create the compilation and the Metadata in an assisted manner, without the tedious human intervention for compiling the data (which all distributors normally require). All assisted, verified and automated by our software!

Some success stories

Many of our compilations have reached the top of the charts on sales and streaming platforms, even surpassing the big names!

The song "Nocturne Op.9 no.2" performed by Olga Bordas is added to user's compilation


real and consolidated by our twenty years of experience.

Creation and distribution of online compilations.
Publish compilations on online platforms in minutes.
With our automatic compilation creation software we could create consistent and quality products quickly so you can monetize your online catalog.
The software is able to create compilations independently, using both the Metadata information and the songs' audio analysis data, the artist's popularity, the number of times the song is published online and much more.


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