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Who we are ?

We are a company born thanks to the experience of Giacomo Bondi, the CEO with 30 years of experience in music business, music publishing and Information Technology. We're supported by a team of enthusiastic young lovers of technology and music. We use the most advanced management tools to communicate with companies and digital stores, integrating our software with Big Data Providers, collecting agencies, Digital Stores, Social Networks. We have always been among the main players in this sector with dozens of partner companies and customers from all over the world. If you think that you have good ideas to share or you want to propose a partnership, please ...

A deeper look at the Distro5 project​

Giacomo Bondi

He started in IT in the mid-80s, until 2000 he worked on mainframe analysis and development, then in Telecom Italia as a Unix systems engineer and network expert. In the mid-2000s he worked as a consultant for Borsa Cariplo (Milan), IBM, Siemens, Alcatel (Milan), Pride, Telecom, Saritel, Tim, Bitmedia, Unire and finally as an IT security expert he collaborated for 8 years with Engineering. Since 2006 he founded and to date has monetized more than 50 of the most prestigious catalogs in the world. In 2013 he created, one of the very first online mastering portals. In 2021 he created and at the end of 2023 presented it to the first customers.

DISTRO5 was therefore born from the desire to combine thirty years of expertise in the IT sector and twenty years in the music sector.

In recent years, music in the digital sector has made giant strides and more and more often we hear about artificial intelligence, AI also for catalog management but above all for correct creation and management of metadata: the true treasure of the future.

But what is metadata? The metadata is nothing more than a series of technical-descriptive information of a specific ALBUM or SONG, fundamental for online publication and the collection of royalties. Also essential for sharing albums or catalogs between all operators in the sector, including rights collection agencies.

How does DISTRO5 intervene in all this?

DISTRO5 has developed proprietary software that uses musical Big Data, capable of quickly and easily managing your catalog by inserting and filling in descriptive fields, you will have complete and tidy metadata available. You will also be able to manage and control your online publications, manage editorial and related rights. Our system allows you to have control over your contracts and the companies and/or artists you collaborate with. Furthermore you can also find an audio fingerprint system that will allow you to see where and how your songs have been used on Youtube. You will be able to manage artist profiles in your artists’ main stores. You will also be able to check the radio airplay of your songs and your artists and their statistics.

What is all this for?

To obtain greater profit from your catalog and it is not necessary first of all to have a good organization, to know with whom, where and how your songs/products have been used and if there have been illicit uses of the same, this will certainly allow you to optimize your enter but above all optimize management and control times so as to be able to dedicate time to activities such as the promotion and sponsorship of your products, which is fundamental today in the digital world.

Our goals

We want our software to be a useful and necessary tool for all those companies that cannot and are not able to manage immense calculation files, but above all for all those medium, large or small businesses that have the need and need to renew themselves , innovate and open a door to digital. But above all, to all those people who think that digital is difficult, we would like to change their minds by demonstrating how accessible and profitable the world of digital music actually is.

Why us?

We are always with an eye open to innovation and new technologies but above all we have been experts in digital distribution, publishing and music production for almost thirty years. We have a background of skills that allows us to understand and interpret the complexities of technological innovations and make them available to those who want to innovate but don’t know where to start or don’t have the resources to do so.

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